Pioneer TS-WX 140DA Active Subwoofer 170 Watts Compact


SKU: tswx140da
Brand: Pioneer
Category: Subwoofers
Product Type: Active Subwoofer

Additional Features

170 Watts


Overview: The Pioneer TS-WX140DA is an amplified subwoofer with a built-in Class D amplifier. It contains an 8″ x 5-1/4″ cone woofer, which is driven by a 50-watt RMS (170W Max) amp. The acoustic suspension (sealed) enclosure is compact enough to fit under the seat, behind the seat, or in small storage compartments. The TS-WX140DA comes with a wired Digital Bass control to let you control its volume and the frequency of the low-pass filter.

Woofer Cone: The Pioneer compact active subwoofer has an 8″ x 5-1/4″ aluminum cone woofer, with a rolled-urethane surround, and a 17.2 oz. Ferrite magnet. The copper voice coil features a glass imide bobbin and an aramid damper.

Enclosure: The TS-WX140DA features a specially designed acoustic suspension enclosure. It is made of a high density compound resin. The enclosure includes a 10″ x 7″ metal grille (non-removable).

Digital Bass Control: The active subwoofer comes with a wired Digital Bass Control with a 16.25′ cable. From the control, you can set the Gain, and vary the Frequency Control (of the built-in low pass filter) from 50 Hz to 125 Hz. There are three selectable listening modes (Bass Modes) to choose from: Deep, Dynamic, and Natural. In addition, you can switch the phase of the woofer from Normal to Reverse, if needed.

Bass Modes: There are two selectable Bass Modes to tune the unit to suit various types of music:

  • Deep: The Deep mode is for bass heavy music, and has a sound that is similar to a ported enclosure. It has a wider frequency response (20 Hz to 200 Hz), and a 95 dB sensitivity.
  • Dynamic: The Dynamic mode has a tight, punchy bass, much like a sealed enclosure. The frequency range in narrower than the Deep setting (40 Hz to 160 Hz), with a 100 dB sensitivity.
  • Natural: The Natural mode provides a flatter bass response with less emphasis on the lower frequencies (40 Hz to 200 Hz), with a 98 dB sensitivity.

Connections: The TS-WX140DA comes with a power wiring harness as well as an RCA input harness. The power wiring harness has 16.25′ lengths of 18-gauge power wire (with an in-line 10A ATO fuse) and 18-gauge turn-on lead, plus a 5′ 18-gauge ground wire. The RCA input harness allows you to connect the subwoofer to an aftermarket stereo via RCA cables. If you’re connecting to a factory radio (or a radio without RCA outputs), you can cut the RCA plugs off of the input harness and splice it to the speaker wires. You can also use optional speaker-to-RCA adapters (sold separately) with male connectors to convert the inputs. An RJ-45 jack is provided for plugging in the Digital Bass Control cable.

Additional information

Weight 6000 kg

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