PowerBass LAB-2500 Mono Block 2500W RMS


SKU: lab2500
Brand: PowerBass
Category: Amplifiers
Product Type: Mono Block

Additional Features

Bass Controller
Output: 2500 Rms


RMS Power: 1CH x2500w @ 1 ohm
RMS Power: 1CH x1200w @ 2 ohm
RMS Power: 1CH x700w @ 4 ohm
Max Power: 5000W Max
LPF: 90Hz-10KHz
Frequency response range: 20-10kHz
Bassboost: 0-10dB
Bassboost frequency: 35-55Hz
S/N: 92dB
Clip/Power/Protect indicator
With remote gain controller
Size: 183x213x69mm

Unleash the true potential of your car audio system with the Powerbass LAB2500 Brazilian Monoblock Car Amplifier. Engineered for enthusiasts who demand superior sound performance, this powerful amplifier delivers an impressive 2500 watts RMS, ensuring your music is heard with crystal-clear precision and heart-pounding bass.

Key Features:

High Power Output: With a robust 2500 watts RMS, this monoblock amplifier provides the necessary power to drive even the most demanding subwoofers, ensuring deep, resonant bass and dynamic sound quality.

Brazilian Technology: Utilizing advanced Brazilian engineering, the LAB2500 combines efficiency and performance, making it a reliable choice for serious audiophiles.

Class D Efficiency: The Class D circuitry design maximizes power efficiency, reduces heat output, and extends the amplifier’s lifespan, all while delivering powerful and clean audio performance.

Compact Design: Despite its immense power, the LAB2500 features a sleek and compact design that makes installation straightforward in a variety of vehicles without sacrificing valuable space.

Advanced Protection Circuitry: Built-in protection against overload, short circuits, and thermal issues ensures the amplifier operates safely and reliably under all conditions.

Variable Low-Pass Filter: Fine-tune your sound system with the adjustable low-pass filter, allowing you to control the frequency range and achieve the perfect balance for your subwoofers.

Bass Boost Function: Enhance your listening experience with the selectable bass boost, providing additional low-end punch to your music.

RCA Inputs and Outputs: High-quality RCA connectors ensure optimal signal transfer and compatibility with a wide range of head units and audio systems.

Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of automotive environments, the LAB2500 boasts a durable chassis and high-quality components, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Whether you’re a bass enthusiast looking to upgrade your system or a competitor seeking an edge, the Powerbass LAB2500 Brazilian Monoblock Car Amplifier is the ultimate choice for unparalleled power, precision, and reliability. Transform your driving experience with sound that moves you.


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