AutoWatch 446 RLi (level 4 )Car Alarm system kit

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The 446RLi is the small alarm that's big on the protection of your vehicle. With an alarm system much smaller than others it makes it much easier to hide the unit and much more difficult for thieves to access it. The 446RLi system also has an attack proof security housing that protects the immobiliser connections.

Built In amplifiers amplify the noises inside the vehicle. When the high frequencies associated with breaking glass are detected, a trigger is sent to the alarm system.  


  • Level 4 Alarm
  • Immobiliser (3 Circuit)
  • Motion Sensor ( sensor included )
  • Anti Hijack ( button included )
  • Moisture and impact resistant remote control
  • Visual and remote arm/disarm
  • Siren
  • Includes housing & button & siren 
  • As seen in pic
  • 12 months warranty 

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